Make A Web Desktop For What's Important.

Keep links, notes, files, docs, photos, social feeds, videos, bookmarks and more
on your very own web desktop you can pan, zoom and organize the way you want.

Spend less time looking and more time doing.

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Middlespot is free to use for as long as you want.

Nancy keeps her everyday resources at her fingertips on her middlespot desktop.

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Scott keeps his team up to date with all their digital tools for an important project.

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Ken gets instant access to all his resources while on trips to exotic locations.

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Keep Everything At Your Fingertips

Middlespot desktops keep your important, everyday digital resources at your fingertips, on whatever devices you rely on. Drag and drop your photos, documents, weblinks, plugins, widgets, videos and more onto a personal, private and secure desktop. Then organize, arrange, and cluster your resources the way you work, mimicking your organizational style.

Middlespot desktops have built in features for taking notes and keeping a to-do list. Then turn your desktop into an engaging collaborative workspace with coworkers and classmates, while managing access permissions for every person.

Middlespot desktops are a dynamic way to interact with your Drive folders. View and sync content on a visual, dynamic web desktop that let's you group, arrange, and cluster content in ways you could never do in Drive. Middlespot desktops can display more types of content than Drive can, including web links, files, plugins, widgets, photos, videos, and more. Turn your desktop into an engaging collaborative workspace all while keeping your files safe and secure in Drive.

Make a personal webpage desktop that...


Keeps stuff at your fingertips

Organized the way you work

Gives your team a collaborative workspace

How Middlespot Works


Make a desktop with an easy to remember web address you can call your own.

Drag, drop and arrange your files, links, bookmarks and plugins. Import and visually display your Drive folders.

Open and manage your desktop on any device, keeping what's important at your fingertips.


Middlespot is free to use on all your devices. Unlimited desktops, unlimited content.

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