About Middlespot

The way you think.

People use middlespot as a desktop for their daily favorite sites, to manage assets around a project, and to organize a variety of resources on a specific subject. You can share a desktop with others from a single web link, or search public desktops to discover collections of useful resources.

We created middlespot to solve four simple problems:

  • thumb_up Bookmarking tools are giant scrolling lists of links. Our desktops store weblinks, photos, documents, and more around any subject.
  • thumb_up Most services are too complicated. Our desktop is a simple, borderless webpage that visually presents your stuff, organized how your brain works.
  • thumb_up Current tools only work on one device or platform. Our desktops can be opened on any modern browser on any device, from a single web address.
  • thumb_up Sharing with others is a pain. Our desktops can be followed (and even collaborated on) by team members, friends, and family all from a single web link.

Simplebooklet is free to use. The platform is supported by the sponsors who display their ads in your desktop control panel.

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